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Was Princess Diana even REAL???

And Other Royal Shenanigans with the legendary Christopher D. Spivey, author of "Monsters in the Palace"

It sounds like a clickbait title, but it’s a serious question, as you’ll see when you watch this fascinating chat with the legendary researcher Christopher D. Spivey.

Recently, I was reminded of being stood in the SuperValu supermarket car park in 2014 being on the phone to Chris trying to organise getting his website moved to a secure server in Iceland; his website was under massive DDOS attack at the time because he was reaching nearly a million people per month with his explosive articles.

Articles like this:

As a writer, he is hilariously incisive and funny. As a researcher, he is incredibly precise and very detailed.

As we find him in 2024, he is recovering from all the State threw at him from accusing him of being a pedophile (they always accuse you of what they are guilty of) to nearly taking his grandchild away from him.

He’s had it hard and it shows in this interview. His outlook on life is, understandably, not as optimistic as mine, but to focus on that is to miss the point. Chris has looked deep into the dark heart of the Establishment and not many survive that. The fact is that his appetite for continuing his work is starting to return, and that is a gift for all as his mojo comes back.

The articles Chris refers to in this interview are well worth reading in depth and can be found here:

If you want to see Chris’ past work on the archived versions of his website, this is a good place to start:

I’d also recommend getting one of Chris’ books. This is the UK link (you can find the equivalent in your own country):

Here are just a few reviews of his books:

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