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My Quantum Health Scan Results Analysed

A personal video for me to show the importance of identifying where the actual toxins are so I can target my obstacles to full health, with Energy Healer Extraordinaire Richard Cumbers.

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Richard Cumbers has had an extraordinary lifelong journey to become the healer he is today. The story of how he got here is worth a watch on it’s own, but this episode is also about analysing the scan that Richard did on me back in March-time which highlights some very surprising results.

I did not expect to still have traces of the meningitis “virus” dormant in my system. I did expect a less-than perfect liver scan, but I did not expect the levels of heavy metals that are still there despite all the detoxing I have done. In short, this level of scan has proven invaluable for me in terms of knowing exactly where to focus on on my own journey towards full health - not something you’d ever get from the so-called “Health Services”.

It’s a personal story that I am sharing to hopefully inspire you to advance your own health journey.

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