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Tarot by Janine Reads the Cards on Current Events (26th Jan 2024)

Always interesting and always good fun, Janine Morigeau answers a lot of my subscribers questions, and a few of my own!
  • Is Civil War about to start in the USA considering Governor Abbot’s recent statement about the National Guards from 10 States at the border and stating he’s ready to go against the Federal Government?

  • Aliens in Roswell (a personal story from Janine!)

  • Is Elon Musk genuinely trying to fight the Hate Law bill in Ireland?

  • Is “bad” AI turning on the Deep State?

  • Is the EBS still going to happen?

  • Is “King” Charles already gone?

  • Will we ever get our good sci-fi shows/movies back?

  • The truth about the storms in Ireland this week?

  • What’s with all the “illness” going on after we entered the Age of Aquarius last weekend?

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