Arsenic in the Sky and Proof of the Underground War

I am joined by Caroline Coram who has gathered immense data over the past four years that proves the global underground war and constant attacks in the air. Don't panic though, it's not all bad news..

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“We have spent four years tracking everything odd that happens over and under the ground - across as many territories as we can cover.

Using thousands of points of data, we find repeating patterns that tell us a very distinct story.

We work out what effect all of this odd activity has by cross checking feedback across our network, and by scouring press statements and data from military, governments, healthcare and other bodies.

We can also now see these patterns all the way back to the World Wars and in some events further.

Then we cross check all of that with what the official line is on weather, chemicals, radiation, health, warfare, history etc. blowing a few lids off established theory.”

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